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How Much does it cost Limousine Per hour In USA

Complete Guide for renting a Limo price in the USA

If you are planning any specific grand event and want to kick off that event, I would suggest only one thing, the ultimate Complete Guide to renting a limo price! Whether it’s a graduation party, celebration, birthday, or wedding, rental limousines will directly scale up your event status. If you are a beginner and have zero percent idea of renting a limousine or limo cost per hour, you have come to the right place. We are going to share comprehensive inch-by-inch details about how to rent a limo per hour, tips to follow while hiring a limousine USA, and factors you need to keep in mind that affect rental costs. All the answers will be catered for in this blog so stay tuned with us.

Some Tips to follow while renting a Limo Per hour in USA

Know your Needs

Before choosing any specific limo service per hour take a break and plan what you need and what you are seeking. Create a thought of what purpose or event you are renting a limousine for. How many seats do you want in a limo? For how much time will you require a limo? Which limo will be best for your event? And what’s your budget? These types of questions will be added to your planning before booking any limo. It will be easier for you to understand your needs and to do action.

Proper Research

After getting what you want it is time to research limo rental companies on the Internet. Check out their websites, read reviews, and gather information and policies about those companies to evaluate their authenticity. Always look for well-known and budget-friendly companies that have good reviews from their customers.

Pick the right limo

It’s the most challenging task ever to choose the perfect limo. Don’t run behind big sleek cars. Know your needs first. If you need 4-person limos, don’t select more than that and waste money. Choose according to people and budgets. Always remember these factors before choosing any limo: rental cost, type of event and number of passengers you have. Before booking any limo check out the style and interior. It should match your event, adding on discuss the amenities offered by the limo. After knowing all these details, pick the right limo.

Check availability & pricing

Once you choose a particular limo to fulfill your needs. Now it’s time to ask about their availability and pricing. Both play a vital role in the process of renting a limousine. Often our chosen limousines are not available, and due to this reason people discuss it on call or visit the office. In this situation, the pre-booking option is best to free yourself from unavailability issues. Pricing is crucial, sometimes it’s out of our range. Most people check pricing on the internet. Somehow pricing depends on time duration and vehicle choice. As far as you know your needs, you can figure out the estimated rental cost. While discussing pricing with a company representative, always ask about additional charges.

Review the contract

The most serious act is signing contract papers. Before doing a signature, you must read and understand every clause to your satisfaction. Ask questions about amenities, policies, and additional charges. After getting complete satisfaction, you can follow the further process.

Confirm your Reservation

Once the deal has been done, don’t forget to confirm your reservation before 1 or 2 days, just to check availability and remind them about the reservation. Directly call them for confirmation.

Confirm your Reservation

Share your Experience

After traveling it’s your duty to share your experience with others, so they can learn and get something from your experience whether it’s positive or negative. In both situation there is a need for sharing.

Price Estimate for hiring Limousines, along with the Factors that Affect it

In the USA, hiring a limousine is quite common. People love to enjoy celebrations in a grand and exclusive style from weddings to prom parties, and most people consider renting a luxurious limo to add elegance and class to the celebration. When it comes to pricing the average cost of renting a limousine is between 35$ and 350$ per hour. But a big fact is that pricing may vary upon some factors that have the power to cut down or increase the cost of the limo.

These are mentioned below:


The season can increase your cost or lower your rental cost, in during weekends, hiring a limo can be a little costly, as compared to weekdays prices are normal.

Location and period:

Larger and far cities or locations will cost higher, due to their distance and long traveling period. Shorter durations and locations will cost less. It’s better to keep in mind the location and time duration while planning to hire a limo.

Pricing for limousines in USA

Standard Limousines

The most affordable and people’s choice is the stand limo which has the ability to seat eight people. Eight people can sit properly in a comfortable manner. It costs 75 $ to 150 $ per hour. It has more than one color you can choose from anyone.

Stretch Limousines 

It’s more luxurious and comfortable and can be used for any grand event. Ten to twenty people can sit in this limo and travel in luxury while having a tension-free environment. It costs 125 $ to 250 $.

Specialty Limousines

The ultra-luxury limo is perfect for any huge celebration. The classic beauty is for 20 people and the price of this limo is higher than anyone because it is spacious and extensive in size. It costs 150$ to 300$.

Pricing for limousines in USA

Rent a Limousine to take Advantage of the Facilities Provided

There are extraordinary and ultra lavish facilities which you will get once you hire a limo.

Leather seating: The whole traveling is based on seating. It should be relaxed and comfortable. The same will be available in limousines. Comfortable and trouble-free seating will make your travel memorable.

Privacy partitions: Between the driver and passenger there will be a partition for privacy. So you can easily enjoy your privacy.  

Sound system & LED: Traveling can be boring without a sound system and LED. Now you can take benefit of both facilities and have fun.

Bar area with Refreshments: The eating and drinking facilities are a bonus. It adds extra entertainment and adds charm to your travels.

Free Wi-Fi: Without Wi-Fi no one can stay. How can it be possible while traveling to have no Wi-Fi? Wi-Fi allows you to connect with your friends and chill while traveling.  

Many other facilities are quite common like an intercom, chilled water, lighting, and climate controls. All of these can enhance your travel experience. Now you have got enough knowledge about renting a limo and pricing details. Why are you waiting? Go and reserve your limo.

Frequently Asked QUestions

In the USA, how do I choose a reliable limousine company?

It’s easier nowadays, in this ever-evolving digitalization hub, every authentic news and info is just a click away from you. You can read reviews of multiple rental limousines to evaluate the best ones. Aside from this, friends’ and family’s suggestions can be a reason to know which rental service is best in all.

Is there an age limit for hiring a limo?

In a general view, most of the companies allow their customers to rent a limo at the age of 21. But it may vary according to the state or company. It will get better to read that particular company’s policy so you can easily find what they are searching for.

Can I hire a limo for an hour or do you have a minimum rental period?

Eventually, rental limousine companies have their own set of policies that they follow. Some allow their clients 6 hours of service while others might demand an hour or more than that. It may vary according to each company and its policies. It’s better to check with a particular company and check out their policies to get an understanding. Everyone can book a limo for an hour. Most firms allow per-hour services for their clients.

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